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Working Class Hero Ukulele tab

Alan Jackson

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Working Class Hero

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Don't Rock the Jukebox

Tono:  A
	  A (E) callused right hand 
Holds a (A) shiny gold (E) watch 
For (B) thirty years sp(A)ent on the (E) clock 
But you won't see no tears 
From this (A) workin' class (E) hero 
He's (B) always been (A) hard as a (B) rock 
But he (E) knows he's too old 
To (A) really start (E) over 
Bes(B)ides he just (A) wouldn't know (E) how 
I guess he's just glad 
That (A) he's not al(E)one 
But (B) he's got to (A) wonder what (E) now 
	'Cause there's (A) no hall of (D) fame for that (E) working class hero 
	No (A) statute (D) carved out of st(E)one	 
	And his (A) greatest re(D)ward is the (E) love of a woman 
	And his (D) children 
	So after he's (E) gone 
	That old (D) working class (E) hero lives (A) on 
That (E) three-bedroom house 
He (A) built in the (E) '50s 
(B) Seems so much (A) bigger to(E)day 
With just him and mama 
And (A) not many (E) bills 
'Cause (B) all of the (A) kids moved a(E)way 
What he's (E) done with his life 
Might (A) not be re(E)membered 
But he's (B) got every (A) right to be (E) proud 
'Cause the blood sweatin' years 
Of this (A) workin' class (E) hero 
Is (B) really what (A) livin's a(E)bout 
Repeat Chorus 
That (D) working class (E) hero lives (A) on 
That (D) working class (E) hero lives (A) on 

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