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Just Playin' Possum Ukulele tab

Alan Jackson



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Just Playin' Possum

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Don't Rock the Jukebox

	  "CD" "Don't Rock The Jukebox" 
"Transcribe" [email protected] 

Parked my(A)car around back,I got the shades pulled(D)down. 
(E)Told everbody includin' my momma,I was leavin'(A)town. 
But I(A)been right here,since you been(D)gone. 
(E)Bellied up at the bottom of a bottle lis'nen to George(A)Jones. 

Just playin'(A)Possum and layin'(D)low. 
(E)I got a hundred watts of hurtin'comin'through the(D)speakers of my stere(E)o. 
(E)Don't wanna see no(A)body,nowhere i wa'nna(D)go. 
(D)Just playin'possum and(E)lisnen to George(A)Jones. 
 same pattern 
I'm gonna hide my heart,and be a love recluse. 
I could cry on my best friend's shoulder,but it ain't no use. 
I need an expert ? the pain i'm goin' through 
So i keep George on the old turn table till i'm over you. 
(Repeat 2) 

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