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Old Flame Ukulele tab



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Old Flame

	  Verse 1: 
(C) I saw you star-ing at each oth - (F) er 
I saw your eyes (D) be-gin to glow 
(C) And I could tell you once were (F) lov-er's 
You ain't hidding nothing (C) I don't know 
(C) There's an old flame, burning in your eyes That (D7) tears can't drown, and (G) make-up can't disguise (D7) That old (C) flame may not be stronger, but (F) it's been burning longer (C) Than any (D7) spark I (C) might have, started in your eyes
Verse 2: (C) You said it ended when he left (F) you You say your love (D) for him is gone (C) But those old memories still up set you For (G7) I might be a memory before to long Repeat Chorus: Tagg: (C) Cause there's an old flame, burning in your eyes
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