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That's My Desire Ukulele tab

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That's My Desire

(Carroll Loveday and Helmy Kresa)

Tono:  G
	  G  Am7  Fdim Cdim       C 
To spend one night with you 
C  Am7 Cdim Dm7    G7 
In our old  rendezvous 
Edim Dm7  Fdim  Dm7     G 
And  reminisce    with you 
 Am7   G  Edim   C 
That's my     desire 
G  Am7  Fdim Cdim      C 
To meet where gypsies play 
  C  Am7 Cdim Dm7   G7 
Down in  some dim café 
Edim Dm7  Fdim  Dm7     G 
And dance till break of day 
 G6   D7/9 Fdim C 
That's my   desire 


 C    C/B Am7  Dm     Dm7     G 
We'll sip  a  little glass of wine 
 G   Cdim G    C       Cdim    C 
I'll gaze    into your eyes divine 
 C    C7  C7/G  D   Am7      D7 
I'll feel the touch of your lips 
 Dm7 Dm5-/7    G     
Pressing on mine 
G  Am7  Fdim Cdim     C 
To hear  you whisper low 
  C  Am7  Cdim Dm7   G7 
Just when it's time to go 
 Edim Dm7   Fdim Dm7 G 
"Cheri,  I love you so 
  G6   D7/9 Fdim   C 
"You're my   desire" 
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