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He's A Pirate Ukulele tab




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He's A Pirate

Tono:  Dm
Tuning: 1 step down 


     Dm             Bb 
He escaped from the island 

       Am           Dm 
Our strong captain Jack 

          Bb        F 
He bound turtles together 

      C             Dm 
With hair from his back 

       Dm         Bb 
Left alone with a gun 

         Gm          Dm 
To look death in the eye 

         Bb            Dm 
But Red Bull gave him wings 

And he learned how to fly 

So he traveled with the guy 

From Lord of the Rings 

To the island of Tortuga 

Where he had a few flings 

He drafted a crew 

To find the Isla de Muerta 

And with blood from a bootstrap 

He got rid of the curse 

Dm A7 Gm  


Dm  Bb 
Oh Yeah 

F        C 
He is a Pirate 

Gm Dm 
Yo Ho 

A7   Dm A7  Dm 
King of the sea 

         Dm              C 
And the pearl with its crew 

          F        C 
Sails the ocean tonight 

         F           Am 
And the darkness reveals 

      Dm        Am Dm        
Every wound can be healed 

         Dm            C 
And the moonlight displays 

          F              Bb 
What may hide from your sight 

          Dm       Gm 
When your eyes are blinded 

    A7 Dm 
By daylight 
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