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The Taliban Song Tablatura

Toby Keith

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The Taliban Song

	  Toby Keith: The Taliban Song
Ok , this is my first tab EVER! and i think its about 90% correct if not please someone make one better.Well, I was looking at Lmofle's tab of this song and it was a really good one , but it took me a while to get it ( im fairly new to guitar) and i had to listen to the sound byte over and over to figure exactly what hes doing. So since I know how hard it can be for some of us noobs im gonna put this one up. Im gonna tab out the intro which i think is the same pattern throughout the song.PLEASE make comments F A6 G6 C9 e|---------1-------------5-------------3--------3--3--3-----| B|---------1-------------5-------------3--------3--3--3-----| G|---------2-------------5-------------3--------3--3--3-----| D|---------3-------------5-------------3--------2--2--2-----| A|---------3-------------4-------------2--------3--3--3-----| E|---0--1--------1---5---------5---3--------3---X--X--X-----| Please Tell me if this helped any of yall.

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