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Angry American (ver. 2) Tablatura

Toby Keith

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Angry American (ver. 2)

	  Toby Keith: Angry American (2)
H = hammer on P = Pull off br = bend and release bh = bend and hold / = slide up \ = slide down r = release from holding the bend or bh e-------------------------- b-------------------------- g----------------7--------2 d----0--------------------- a-0h2---5/7-5-7/9----2br-0- E-------------------------- e-----10---9----7--------7--- b-------------------------7-- g-9/11--7/9--7/9--10br--7---- d---------------------------- a---------------------------- E---------------------------- e---------------------------- b----------------------10---- g-7--9-9-7-7--9br-7-9bh---9r- d---------------------------- a---------------------------- E---------------------------- e-------------------------- b-------------------------- g--9br--------------------- d-7----9br--7br-4/2-------- a-------------------2br-0-- E-------------------------- I'm not sure about the last grouping I have but it's pretty close and yes I know that I spelled angry wrong in the name peace out Chad "The Legend" Wall p.s. if anyone finds any fault with the last group of notes please post the right ending in the comment box.

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