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Gloria (ver. 1) Tablatura

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Gloria (ver. 1)

a kick @$$ song.  The chords used in this song are E E D D A A. 
Here it is!            Gloria 
   E  E       D  D      A  A 
Tell ya 'bout my baby 
She come around 
She come 'round here 
The head to the ground 
Come 'round here 
A-just about midnight 
She make me feel so good 
Make me feel alright 
She come 'round my street now 
She come to my house, yeah 
Knock upon my door 
Climbing up my stairs 
One two three 
Come on up, baby 
Mmmm, here she is in my room...oh boy! 
Hey, what's your name? 
How old are you? 
Where d'you go to school? 
Well, now that we know each other a little 
bit better, why don't you come over here? 
Make me feel alright! 
All night! All day! 
All right! Okay, yeah! 
You were my queen and I was your fool 
Riding home after school 
You took me home, yeah 
To your house 
Your father's at work 
Your mama's out shopping around 
Took me into your room 
Showed me your thing 
Why d'you do it, babe? 
A-getting softer, slow it down 
Softer, get it down 
Now you show me your thing...yeah 
Wrap your legs around my neck 
Wrap your arms around my feet 
Wrap your hair around my skin 
I'm gonna... 
It's getting harder 
It's getting too darn fast 
It's getting harder 
Alright! Come on, darling, let's get it on... 
Whoa, too late! Too late! Too late 
Too late! Too late! Too late 
Make me feel alright, babe 
All night 
All day 
All right 
Keep the whole thing going, babe! 
All right 
All right 
Well that's all I have to say. Just repeat that one riff  
over and over again for the whole song. See Ya! 


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