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Fat Donuts Tablatura


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Fat Donuts

	  Tabbed By Andrew Schultz  ([email protected]) 
Requested By James McInerney  ([email protected]) 
Tuning: Dropped D 
Main Riff 
e  --3p1--0h1-1-1--3p1--0--|-----3--------------- 
b  --3----3---3-3--3----3--|-----3--------------- 
g  --2----2---2-2--2----2--|-----0--------------- 
d  --0----0---0-0--0----0--|-x3--2--------------- 
a  ------------------------|-----3--------------- 
D  ------------------------|--------------------- 
The riff above contains the main chords but their are some variations in regard to how many 
times each is played and order throughout the song. I am not quite sure about the heavy bits 
because the Mp3 I had is just all noise when it gets to the distortion but I am pretty sure 
its in dropped D. You can play all the strings (everything else open) for the intro if you  
want, it sounds just as good, a bit more fuller. 


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