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Family Tree Tablatura

Shakey Graves

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Family Tree

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	  It matched up best whenever I tuned each string down a whole step, but I know if Im  
singing than I play two frets lower. 

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Intro Riff D||-----9------9---------10-------5-----------------------| A||-----10-----9---------10-------5-----------------------| F||-----11-----10--------11-------6-----------------------| C||-----11-----11--------12-------7-----------------------| B||-5/9-9------11--------12-------7-----------------------| D||----------9-9----9/10-10-----5-5-----------------------| Verse Strumming I like to do this strumming pattern but you could really do anything you want. D||-------x------------------------------------------| A||---------------x----------------------------------| F||---x-------x--------------------------------------| C||-----x-------x------------------------------------| B||--------------------------------------------------| D||-x-------x----------------------------------------|
A: 577655 D: x57775 E: x79997 Intro Riff x2 Verse A Only dead folks get my jokes A Storm the castle and swim the moat D Across the world lives a big old goat A Who's got nine eyes and breathes nothing but smoke E D And he loves Lilly but Lilly loves me E D And Lilly loves Shelia but Shelia Loves me A So lets go out back and plant a family tree A We'll be as happy as a couple motherfuckers can be Riff x2 verse 2 A Load your pistol to shoot the breeze A Go to the garden tell the birds and bees D Not to bother the girls or harass the boys A Busk for your breakfast baby make some noise E D We'll wake up grandpa wake up Jane E D Throw a couple rocks at their window pane Dm A If daddy gives me money Ill drink my milk A Got women to scare A Got a world to tilt Outro D There's no one in the world but you for me Riff So lets go out back and plant a family tree Riff

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