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Don't Cry Tablatura




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Don't Cry

Áño: 1994 - Álbum: Best: 1991-2004

Standard tuning 
  Asus2  G6/A   Fmaj7/A     
Asus2 G6 Asus2 Fmaj7 G6 
----Verse 1----- 
     Asus2             E 
When we were young and truth was paramount 
        C                 G                        D  
We were older then and we lived a life without any doubt 
      Asus2         E 
Those memories they seem so long ago  
       C                          G                       D 
What's become of them?  When you feel like me I want you to know 
----Chorus 1---- 
Asus2           G6     
Don't're not alone 
Asus2        Fmaj7    G6  
Don't cry...tonight, my baby 
Asus2           G6 
Don't'll always be loved 
Asus2         Fmaj7    G6 
Don't cry...tonight, sweet baby 
(Play the same for the rest) 
----Verse 2---- 
Today I dream of friends I had before 
And I wonder why the ones who care don't, they don't call anymore 
My feelings hurt but you know I overcome the pain 
And I'm stronger now, there can't be a fire unless there's a flame 
----Chorus 2---- 
Don't're not alone 
Don't cry...tonight, sweet baby 
Don't'll always be loved 
Don't cry...oh,oh,oh 
Fmaj7          G6               
Limousines and sycophants 
       Fmaj7              G6 
Don't leave me now 'cause I'm afraid 
            Fmaj7         G6                 G 
What you've done to me is now the wolf in my head 
      Asus2       Fmaj7       G6 
In my head, in my head, in my bed 
----Verse 3---- 
The challenges we took were hard enough 
And they get harder now even when we think that we've had enough 
Don't you feel alone 'cause it's all you understand 
I'm your sedative, take a piece of me when, whenever you want 
----Chorus 2---- 
Don't're not alone 
Don't cry...tonight, sweet baby 
Don't'll always be loved 
Don't cry...don't cry tonight, sweet baby 
      Asus2      G6         D           Fmaj7   G6 
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't you cry, cry 
      Asus2               G6 
Don't cry...'cause you'll still be loved 
      D Dsus4  D      Fmaj7    G6      Asus2  Fmaj7  G6 
Don't cry, don't cry tonight, whoa, my baby 
   Asus2 Fmaj7 G6 
My baby.. 
   Asus2    Fmaj7         G6  
My baby ooh why don't you cry tonight 
   Asus2             Fmaj7         G6 
My baby, don't cry tonight, you'll still be loved 


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