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City Song Tablatura

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City Song

	  Transcribed by Ben Barrett 
[email protected] 
This is a great song and it's darn easy 
First section          
 G      G? 
Second section 
 D      D? 
Third section (slower than first two) 
 C C 
Fourth Section 
this next section is just a slower variation of sections one and two 
with a slower section three as well. 
The rest of the song is much the same with inverted D chords towards the end. 
In the city there is something to see 
In the city there is nothing to breathe 
I'm goin''bout my business 
I'm wondering what I'm missing 
And on my way home, I hid in my coat  
Wrote my name on the city wall 
Being famous 
In the city there is a park bench you can sleep out on 
The city there is a trash can you can eat out of 
I'm goin' 'bout my business 
Wonderin' what I'm missing 
And on my way home a cop said 'no' 
I said, "there's a man with a stick and a gun in his hand" 
Being famous 
Red man in the city 
Poor man in the city 
Black man in the city 
Fat man in the city 
Red man 
Black man 
Fat man 
Blue man 
I don't know the rest of the words 
'Cause I made it up just for you 

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