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	  Obsession Chords by Frankie J, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com · Obsession Chords @ 911Tabs.Com  
I looked at all the tabs and I notice they are all using the wrongs chords so i tabbed it myself. 
This is exactly how they play it on the live version at 
This is my first tab. email me at if you have any questions. 
Frankie J featuring Baby Bash 
***  ***   
       G     Bm    G   
e |----3-----2-----3---------| 
b |----3-----3-----3---------| 
g |----4-----4-----4---------| 
d |----5-----4-----5---------| 
a |----5-----2-----5---------| 
E |----3-----2-----3---------| 
These are the chords figure out the strumming 
Asus-        A     
Amor, no es amor (if this aint love) 
Em                        Bm 
What am I feeling (what am i doing wrong) 
Asus-        A 
Amor, no es amor (if this aint love) 
Em                                      Bm 
Its just an illusion that i have in my heart  
      Asus-  A    Em     Bm 
e |----5-----5-----0-----2----| 
b |----5-----5-----0-----3----| 
g |----7-----6-----0-----4----| 
d |----7-----7-----2-----4----| 
a |----5-----7-----2-----2----| 
E |----5-----5-----0-----2----| 


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