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Silent Man

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	  G                 D        C#m5-           C      F
A question well served,is silence like a fever? 
G                    D             C#m5-             C     F
If he elects not to bother will he message with no receiver 
Em7          Am7     D                Em7
Desperate to fall behind the stained glass 
there's always one more mask.

G               D            C#m5-          C       F
Has man been a victim of his woman, of his father?
G                      D            C#m5-           C      F
Let ring a voice never heard or a suffocate their faith?                       
Em7          Am7   D                Em7
Separates us all behind the Greated Wall
Thumb that pray they won't ask.                                  
E F#/E A/E B/E When there is reason,Tonight I'm awake E F#/E A/E B/E E When there's no answer Arrive (The Silent Man) E F#/E A/E B/E If there is balance tonight he's awake E F#/E A/E B/E E If they have to suffer there lies the silent man.
Solo... Em7 Am7 D Em7 Sin without deceivers,a God with no believers C9 I could sail by on the winds of silence B7 Em7 And maybe they won't notice Am7 D But this time, I think it'd be better if I swim. Chorus Guitar Solo |-------------------------------|------------------------------------------ |--------------8--7h8p7---------|------------10------12-----10------------- |--------7--9------------9--7~--|---7--9/11------11------11-----11\9p7----- |--7--9-------------------------|--------------------------------------9--- |-------------------------------|------------------------------------------ |-------------------------------|------------------------------------------ --------|-------------------9--7h9p7--5--------|--------------------------| --------|----------------------------------8---|-------6---6--------------| ---7h9--|--(9)~------6-------------------------|-----5h7---5--------------| --------|---------------7----------------------|---------------7\5p3\2----| --------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------| --------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------|

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