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Beat My Guest Tablatura

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Beat My Guest

                      BEAT MY GUEST (Adam Ant) 

Recorded 1981: B-Side release of "Stand & Deliver" 
               Also found on the Adam Ant compilations 
               "B-Side Babies" & "Antics In The Forbidden Zone". 

I simply used power chords when transcribing this, however, 
I'm sure full chords will work just as well! 

CHORDS USED:     E   E   D   D   A   A 
               B------------------------- I've given 2-| 
               G-----9-------7-------2-----------------| finger layouts 
               D-14--9---12--7---7---2-----------------| for A -> E. 
               A-14--7---12--5---7---0-----------------| They sound similar! 

MUSIC:  Split into 4 riffs. 

 A: Beats   1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &   Played on string 1, 
    Notes   E  E  E  E  E  E  F# E   frets 12 & 14. 

 B: Bars    1...2...3...4... 
    Chords  E   D   A   A A   Let chords ring. 

 C: Bars    1.......2.......3.......4.......   Right hand 

 D: Bars    1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8... 
    Chords  D E D A D E D A D E D A A   A     Let chords ring. 

 Order of riffs: 
                 Intro:  A*20 
                         (On 13th bar of intro) B*2 
               Verse 1:  C*2, B*2 
               Verse 2:  C*2, B*2 
                Chorus:  D, B*2 
               Verse 3:  C*2, B*2 
                Chorus:  D*2, B*2 
                 Outro:  A*23 
                         (On 9th bar of outro) B*4 

LYRICS:  Start on bar 21. 

 Verse 1: (Riff C*2) 
  Bar 1                     2                    3        4 
      Well tie  me  up  &  hit me with a stick,  Beat me, Beat me 
      Yeah,use a truncheon or a household brick, Beat me, Beat me 

 Ohohoh's:  (Riff A*2) 
      Oh oh oh oh oh 
      Oh oh oh oh oh 

 Verse 2: 
   There's so much happiness behind these tears, Beat me, Beat me 
   I pray you'll beat me for ten thousand years, Beat me, Beat me 


 Chorus:  (Riff D) 
  Bar 1                       2 
      I'm   black   &   blue  baby   I  love   you 
      be    your    dog       for just one flog 
      You don't hear me plead for you make me bleed 
      Beat me                 Beat me 


 Verse 3: 
   Well use a truncheon or a cricket bat, Beat me, Beat me 
   A good beatings really where it's at,  Beat me, Beat me 


 Chorus :  *2 


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