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Advanced -a Funky Samba Beat Tablatura Batería

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Advanced -a Funky Samba Beat


i found this one on we'll alright from santana, i just didn't take the time to tab the entire song, however this rythm is a very nice one, and when well used, a very cool one...
posted by: thomasje666   

R |x-x-x-x-|x-x-x-x-|
H |--x---x-|--x---x-|
S |----o---|----o---|
B |o-------|o-------|

this is the basic patern, but it is very cool to change the bassdrum beat, or the ride figure. a very nice change is to make the 1st and 3th ride beat triplets.
however it becomes more complex, so you should listen what sounds best in the song you play.


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