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Smoke Rise Teclado

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Smoke Rise

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She was something in her formative years 

She'd hide her accent it would reappear 

      D                                         A 
When she would brag on what daddy bought last night 

All the pretty girls were in that crowd 

To tease a hand full of poor kids out loud 

      D           A              D 
And even then i knew it wasn't right 


G A D G Smoke rise, you were never kind G A D Good news i left you all behind G A D A G Some who hope that it would last A D Smoke rise i'm glad you're in my past
D Most of the kids were better than me G Or at least they thought so and it was plain to see D A The children were cruel and i didn't have a fighting chance D I wasn't a jock, i wasn't a brain G We weren't well off and mama couldn't explain D A D Why no one would take a poor boy to the dance -chorus 2x- D Spoiled rich kids find it hard to embrace G When they bus black kids from all over the place D A The county tried to prove their schools were all the same D Ol' jim crow tried to integrate G But in the south it's hard to relate D A D When grandpa used the "n" word with no shame -chorus 2x-

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