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My Old Man Teclado

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My Old Man

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C Am F G  

He was a giant  
   F            G  
And I was just a kid  
I was always trying  
      F            G  
To do everything he did  
  Am                       C         F  
I can still remember every lesson he taught me  
   Fm                     G             C  
Growing up learning how to be like my old man  

C Am F G  

He was a lion  
     F              G  
We were our father's pride  
But I was defiant  
    F                 G  
When he made me walk the line  
He knew how to lift me up  
     C            F  
And when to let me fall  
  Fm                         G  
Looking back, he always had a plan  
My old man  

F My old man C Feel the callus on his hands G And dusty overalls F My old man Fm C Now I finally understand G I have a lot to learn C From my old man
Bridge C Am F G Verse C Now I'm a giant F G Got a son of my own C He's always trying F G To go everywhere I go Am C F Do the best I can to raise him up the right way Fm G Hoping that he someday wants to be C Like his old man Violin Solo Am G F (x4)
F My old man C I know one day we'll meet again G As he's looking down F My old man Fm C I hope he's proud of who I am G I'm trying to fill the boot C of my old man My old man
Outro C Am F G C*

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