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Complicated Teclado

Your Favorite Martian



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These are just the chords you hear from the piano (Benetar). They are almost  
constantly repeated.(Note! About the verses. Sometimes he plays the same  
progression as in the chorus.) Have fun! (In my opinion it sounds better if you  
focus on strumming the bass notes.) 

Tuning: standard  

Verse 1: 

C                        C   G 
  Baby, you're so complicated 
The way you're putting me down  
                                 Am    F 
And when we go out with your friends 
You act like you don't want me around  

                   C   G 
And I get so frustrated 
How everything ends in a fight 
                        Am  F 
Why bring out the candle 
When you don't even care to see the light 

C C G And every time you make me cry C Am Every time you make me cry Am F And every time you make me cry C I love you a little bit more C G And every time we started to fight C Am We never seem to get it right Am F And every time you make me cry C I love you a little bit more
C G Am Am F Verse 2 (same chord pattern verse 1) Babe, we're so complicated Took a good thing and turn it around I scream so loudly And you pretend not to hear the sound I get so frustrated I feel like you crossed the line Sometimes you love me And sometimes you act like you don't have the time I'm ready to give up then you remind me why I even started loving you It's the hardest thing I ever had to do And I get so frustrated How everything ends in a fight And then you tell me you love me Then change your mind by the end of the night Chorus And so on and on :D

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