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Whiskey Jars



(MAIN RIFF)   Dsus2     C 
(MAIN RIFF)   Dsus2     C 
(MAIN RIFF)   Dsus2     C 
(TRANS. RIFF) Em  Em/F  Am 
Em  Em/F  Am      

verse 1: 


Dsus2                    C 
    He had a haircut like Martin Van Burren 
Dsus2                      C 
    Sideburns way down his chin 
Dsus2                 C                               
    He wore a smokin' jacket  
TRANS. RIFF             Em  Em/F  Am 
like Hugh Hefner always did 

Em  Em/F  Am 


verse 2: 

Dsus2                          C 
    And in the throes of winter when everything is slow, 
Dsus2                 C 
    Warm whiskey at fourteen below he traded in 
Dsus2     C           Em  Em/F  Am 
    That snow for Mexico 

Em  Em/F  Am 

F Dsus2 Turntable turnin', no sound F Dsus2 Breakfast burning southbound F Dsus2 C Take out the whiskey and pass the jars around
Em Em/F Am Em Em/F Am (MAIN RIFF) verse 3: Dsus2 C And from the rooftops the hollers came, Dsus2 C 40 pesos for a friendly game Dsus2 C Unbroken horses and women just as tame Em Em/F Am Em Em/F Am (Repeat Chorus) Guitar Solo (Play Em Em/F Am four times) (Repeat Chorus) Em Em/F Am Em Em/F Am Em Em/F Am ************************************ | p pull-off | x muted note | () optional note ************************************

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