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Faithless Street Teclado




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Faithless Street


Intro: G G C C G G D G 

G                             C 
If angels are messengers from God 

G                       D 
Please send one down to me. 

G                             C 
If angels are messengers from God, 

G                C         G 
I wrote a letter He should read. 

C              G 
Been living on Faithless Street 

C      G 
All by myself 

C               G                D 
Work your whole life for someone else. 

C           G 
Try to find sanction, 

C            G 
Christ above man, 

C                 G             D 
He never shed His peace on this land. 

C                 G            D 
So I started this damn country band, 

C                   G           D 
'Cause punk rock is too hard to sing. 

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