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Come With Me Teclado

Waylon Jennings

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Come With Me

	  Verse 1: 
         G                                   C/G 
	If you're in a valley,with a troubled mind 
		   D                 G  
	I'm a mountain,come on and climb 
	Because you look so good,to be so down 
                       D                         G 
	It won't take much girl,to turn it all around 
G Am Come with me,come with me D G The feeling's free,just come with me Am Will get on a cloud girl,and ride it high D G Say hello sun,as we sail bye
Verse 2: G C/G I'll take you where,you've never been before D G Once we're there,you'll cry for more C/G If it's dark in your world,come walk in mine D G My love's a light babe,it's on all the time Chorus (x2).

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