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Frankie & Johnny Teclado

Van Morrison

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Frankie & Johnny

Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts Lordy, how they could love    
  D                                                     A 
Swore to be true to each other Yeah, true to the skies above 
            E                        A 
He was her man, wouldn't do her no wrong 

And Frankie and Johnny went walkin' And Johnny had on a new suit 
                                                                                                   D                                                                 A 
Yeah, Frankie spent one-hundred dollar notes  Just to make her man look cute 
            E                           A 
He was her man, he wouldn't do her no wrong 

Frankie went over to the barroom Stopped for a bottle of beer 
                                                                                              D                                                          A 
Said to the old bartender man "Has my lover Johnny man been here?" 
            E                                 A 
"He was my man, Lord, but he'd been doin' me wrong, so wrong." 

Yeah, Frankie looked over the transom door  And there to her great surprise 
       D                                               A 
There sat her lover man Johnny  Makin' love to Nellie Bly 
            E                          A 
He was her man, but he was doin' her wrong 

Well, Frankie lifted up her kimono dress  And she drew (ladaladalala) out a little .44
She shot once, twice, three times (three times) she shot him  And through that hardwood 
                    E                                                      A 
Yeah, she shot her man (yeah he was her man) Well, but he been doin' her wrong yeah 

He said," roll me over so careful ah  Roll me over so slow, 
 D                                                                A 
Oh roll me off to my left hand side,  Because your bullet hurt me so, 
            E                          A 
I was your man, but I been doin' you wrong." 

 (Instrumental & trombone & guitar solo) 

Well, they sent for Frankie's mother  Come down to Huddie's saloon  
To see what's the matter with her boy  She come down, Frankie looked up at her 
 Here what she said: 

She said, "Oh Mrs. Johnson, oh forgive me please  
         D                                                       A 
Well I killed your lovin' son, Johnny But I'm down on my bended knee 
             E                            A 
I shot your man, 'cause he was doin' me wrong ah'. 

She said, "I'll forgive you Frankie,  She said, I'll forgive you not, not 
     D                                                          A 
For killin' lovin' son Johnny,  He's the only support that I've got, 
                   E                          A 
'Lord, you shot my man and he was doin' you wrong." 

Well, the last time I seen Frankie  She was a-sittin' in a dungeon cell 
      D                                                    A  
She would be there lonely, herself  With no one there to care 
              E                          A 
She shot her man, a-he'd been doin' her wrong, so wrong 

Well, bring out the rubber tired (hearse) so long You gotta bring out your pony and trap 
                           D                                                      A 
Yeah, they're gonna take Johnny, Johnny to the cemetery And he ain't never coming back 
                  E                              A 
Well, he was her man Oh, but he been doin' her wrong, so wrong 

Well, the story ain't got no moral, Lordy  But the story ain't got no end 
          D                                                         A 
Well, the story only goes to show  That there ain't no damn good in men! 
             E                                           A 
She shot her man (he was her man) But he was doin' her wrong 

Yeah, ba-da-ba-ba-da-ba-ba-da-ba-ba-ba-ba.

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