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Caravan Teclado

Van Morrison


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	  C	  F	   G	      C	      F		     G 
And the caravan is on its way, I can hear the merry gypsy play 
F      C       Dm7		C 
Mama, Mama, Look at Amerou 
F	  C		  Dm7   C 
She's out playin' with her radio,  
F     C     Dm7    C   F     C     Dm7    C 
La la la-la, la la la, la la la-la, la la la 

In the caravan there's all my friends 
Yeah they'll stay with me until the end 
Gypsy Robin, is way down the road 
Tell me everything I need to know, la la..... 

F    C       Dm7  C  F   C        Dm7     C 
Turn up your radio, and let-a  me hear a song 
F      C        Dm7      C 
Switch on your electric light 
F         C      	     Dm7     C 
So we can get down to whats really wrong 
F   C     Dm7       C    F        C      Dm7  C 
I long to hold you tight, so that I can feel ya 
F     C    Dm7     C     F    C    Dm7   C 
Sweet lady of the night, I shall reveal ya .. If you won't 
F           C           Dm7		   C 
Turn it up, turn it up, little bit higher, radio 
F   	    C           Dm7	       C 
Turn it up, just enough, so you know, it's got soul 
F     C      Dm7    C  F     C     Dm7    C 
La la la-la, la la la, la la la-la, la la la 

Yeah the caravan is painted red and white 
That means everybody's staying overnight 
Yeah the barefoot gypsy boy round the campfire sing and play 
And the woman tells us all go away 
La la la-la, la la la, la la la-la, la la la 


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