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Larimer Street Teclado

Utah Phillips



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Larimer Street

(Utah Phillips)



A                               D 
Your bulldozers rolling through my part of town 
A                               E 
 The iron ball swings and knocks it all down, 
A                               D 
 You knocked down my flophouse and you knocked down my bars 
A                                E  A 
 And black-topped it over to park all your cars. 

A D And where will I go, and where can I stay? A E You knocked down the skid row and hauled it away, A D I'll flag a fast rattler and ride it on down, boys, A E A They're running the bums out of town.
Old Maxie the tailor is closing his doors, There ain't nothing left in the secondhand stores, You knocked down my hock shop and the big Harbor Lights And the old Chinese cafe that was open all night. Chorus You ran out the hookers who worked on the street And built a big club where the playboys can meet. My bookie joint closed when your cops made a raid, But you built a new hall for the stock market trade. Chorus These little storekeepers they don't have a chance With the big uptown bankers a-calling the dance, With their suit-and-tie restaurants that's all owned by Greeks And the counterfeit hippies and their plastic boutiques. Chorus Now I'm finding out there's just one kind of war, It's the one going on 'tween the rich and the poor. Don't know a lot about what you'd call class But the upper and middle can all kiss my ass. Chorus

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