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Hello Goodbye Teclado

Tyler Farr



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Hello Goodbye


Intro: D G A D 

verse 1: 
I told myself a thousand times, 
it wouldn't end like this. 
But here I am standing at the door, 
with no more walls to hit 
 G               A 
I didn't notice it was over 
  G               D 
till it was too late. 
 G                  D 
All the tears are cried    
     G             A (tacet) 
and it's time to walk away. 

D So hello suitcase. G Hello pictures on the floor D G hello heartache, hello slamming door. A F#m G Hello Silverado rolling in the drive D A (tacet) Hello freedom D G hello Goodbye.
verse 2: D I never knew this gravel drive G could be so damn long A And I never thought I'd ever D be this close to being gone. A D I wonder if she wonders if I'll G D turn this truck around. G D I wish I could cause it hurts like hell G A (tacet) but it's too late for that now. Chorus 2: D So hello heartache G hello city limit sign, D hello sunset G hello Jackson county line A F#m G Hello radio don't play that song tonight D A(tacet) Hello freedom D Hello goodbye Bridge: G Oh I did the best to D G make the best of us. A But hell sometimes G A love just ain't enough
D So hello teardrops G Hello empty space D Hello memories G Hello love we used to make A Hello Jesus won't you F#m G help me through the night D A (tacet) Hello tomorrow D Hello Goodbye
Outro: D G A D

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