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Blue Railroad Train Teclado

Tony Rice


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Blue Railroad Train

	  Blue Railroad Train 
 D                                                  G 
Blue railroad train, goin' down the railroad track  
Makes me feel so doggone blue,  
to listen to that old smokestack.  
                                               G D 
Traverse a-rollin' on, leavin' me here behind  
Give me back them good old days and let me ramble  
down the line. 
Blue railroad train, leavin' me here alone, 
You treat me good, you treat me bad,  
you're makin' me think of home.  
I hear that lonesome train and love to hear the 
whistle blow She's takin' the sun and leavin' the 
and makin' me wanna go.   
Blue railroad train, blue railroad train, blue 
railroad train  
I got the blues, longin' for some company.  
It's many miles from where I am, to the only one for 
I'm so lonesome here, waitin' for the manifest,  
I hope that engineer is kind, enough to let me be his 
Blue railroad train, a good old pal of me,  
Takes me everywhere I wanna go, get my transportation 
free. Blue railroad train, blue railroad train, blue 
railroad train  

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