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Bitter Green Teclado

Tony Rice


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Bitter Green

	  Bitter Green 
 D                                     A 
Upon the bitter green she walked the hills above the 
 D                        A 
Echo to her footsteps as soft as eider down. 
 D                         A 
Waiting for her master to kiss away her tears. 
 G                    A 
Waiting through the years. 
D Bitter Green they called her, G A Walking in the sun. G A D Loving every one that she met. Bitter Green they called her, G A Waiting in the sun. G A D Waiting for some one to take her home.
Some say he was a sailor who died away at sea Some say he was a prisoner who never was set free Lost upon the ocean he died there in the mist Dreaming of a kiss. (To Chorus) But now that bitter green is gone, the hills have turned to rust There comes a weary stranger, his tears fall in the dust Kneeling by the churchyard in the autumn mist Dreaming of a kiss. (To Chorus)

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