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Tension Teclado

Todd Snider

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GTension it's all that I Dknow  
GI got tension out in traffic  
CI got tension in my office  
GI got tension and it's everywhere that I Dgo  
GAfter the bad guy killed off all the Dunderdeveloped characters  
The Emgood guy put a bullet right through his Chead  
GThe screenwriter stood up and told us that all the Dloose ends had been  
tied, Emjustice is irrelevant  
CViolent problems need violent solutions  
'Cause in America we like our bad guys dead  
GIt's called box office, baby D 
EmIt's bigger than the damn Stones C 
Tension it's all that I know  
I got tension in my health food  
Tension in my exercise  
Tension and it's everywhere that I go  
Well they roped off all of my problems and pointed their fingers at  
'Cause they know if you're doin' the pointin' no one's lookin' at you  
But you know this war on drugs it's funded by the Tobacco and Alcohol  
It's not what drugs you're strung out on they care about as much as  
You see people....people still love drugs  
They're bigger than...hell, they're bigger than Rush Limbaugh  
Tension it's all that I know  
I got tension in my classroom  
I got tension in my courtroom  
I got tension and it's everywhere that I go  
When rock and roll first came around the preachers all went crazy  
But soon that wasn't enough to bring people in the door  
So now they jump on any scandal that they can to try and save me  
'Cause they know I don't buy that crap about the Devil's music anymore  
That's what scares people these days  
And fear  
Hell...fear is bigger than Elvis Aron Presley  
Harmonica Solo  


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