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Prison Walls Teclado

Todd Snider

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Prison Walls

These prison walls there cold and hard 
                   C                        G 
The fences tall across the yard 
               C                                  G 
Locked away and what?s so strange 
             D                                             G 
That I feel god I feel like nothings changed 
The floor is cold and blankets itch 
                        C                                           G 
Three meals today thou god to some that?s rich 
                  C                                 G 
So some still dream of an open door 
                                    D                     G 
Me I know that I was never free before  
                      D              G                D                  G 
I was never free to fly away never free to disappear 
                          C                           G 
There?s always someone so far away 
                       D                   G 
Well I will always be in here 
Late at night you think thighs threw  
                           C                    G 
I try to think of way to get to you 
             C                            G 
I never can what?s so strange 
                                D                              G 
Is that I feel god I feel like nothings changed? 
Ten more months they say im free 
                        C                           G 
But it makes know difference to me 
                      C               G 
Locked you out so long ago 
                                            D             G 
Prison walls prison walls there all I know 
                                            D              G 
Prison walls prison walls there all I know 

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