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Lonely Girl Teclado

Todd Snider


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Lonely Girl

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	  Capo IV 
G          D   Am       C 
There you sit all by yourself 
G          D    Am             C 
Trying to quit like everybody else 
G       D   Am           C 
Cigarette smoke in your eyes 
G             D               C 
I see a few regrets in there too 
Hey there lonely girl 
D                            C   
Have I got a lonely boy for you 
Like a sunny day somewhere else 
The music plays but it don't help 
Through the haze you roll your eyes 
Every day I wonder what you see 
Hey there lonely girl 
I think you're the only girl for me  G  D  Am  C  G  D c Dc 
C                     G 
You're the only girl in this whole wide world 
 Am                       D   D7 
Only throw your pearls at me 
Here I sit all by myself 
Trying to quit something else 
Cigarette smoke in my eyes 
I've got a bunch of regrets too 
Hey there lonely girl 
Have I got a lonely boy for you  


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