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Happy To Be Here Teclado

Todd Snider

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Happy To Be Here

G : 320003  or 3x0003   G/F# : 2x0003   G7 : 320001 
C : x32010              C*   : 3x2013 (used with 3x0003 G shape for hammer-ons) 
Em: 022000 
A7: x02020 
D : xx0232              D7  xx0212 
All of my neighbors are all up in arms 
      C                     G 
About something they saw on TV. 
      G                              Em 
Seems some politician got busted for something 
     A7                           D  D7 
That won't make any difference to me. 
          G                          G7 
Now, I'm sure it's all true and I'm tired of this too 
       C                        A7 
But I can't pray for someone to fall 
  G            G/F#      Em          A7 
I let all them people do what people do 
         C        D          G      C       G 
I'm just happy to be here at all 
I'm happy to be here to vote randomly 
   C                          G 
On who ought to take the next dive 
    G                                   Em            
I'm eager to see what the downfall will be 
            A7          D7 
And all the hilarity on Saturday Night Live 
          G                       G7 
You know, mostly it's all scandal t.v. these days 
       C                         A7 
That's where the real money must fall 
G             G/F#         Em        A7 
Down from the smog of some Hollywood haze 
         C        D          G 
I'm just happy to be here at all 
I'm happy to be here 
         G  C* G C* G C*  G C*    
Happy to be         Ha    ppy 
(harmonica solo) 
G  D  C  G  D  C  C  D  G C G D G 
Just happy to be here to see how it goes 
   C                     G 
If everything blows into space 
          G                                        Em 
I've been walking my tennis shoes right through my toes 
A7                         D7 
Trying to keep up with the rest of the race. 
G                     G7 
Mostly I stare out my window these days 
C                         A7 
Watching my dog chase her ball 
G          G/#      Em          A7 
I'll do my job here whatever it pays 
         C        D          G  C  G  D  G 
I'm just happy to be here at all. 


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