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Godsend Teclado

Todd Snider

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	  G       D 
Trailer door 
C         G 
Drink one more 
C         G 
Life goes on 
G     D 
Hotel walls 
C      G 
Wakeup calls 
C                 G 
Another sleepless dawn 
Em          D 
First day's smoke 
Em           D 
The waitress jokes 
G        C  D 
And more coffee 
G     D 
C     G 
Em         D        G 
Send me an angel to love 
Bachelor life 
You got two ex-wives 
And a beer can pile 
Nightclub world 
Ashtray girl 
She's got a crooked smile 
Forty years 
No lost tears 
I'm still waiting 
(Chorus 2x) 
Red beer sign 
Fools in line 
It's the weekend crowd 
So drain your cup 
And loosen up 
I wanna hear you laugh out loud 
I survive 
Stay alive 
I keep praying 
Up Above 


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