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Alcohol & Pills Teclado

Todd Snider

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Alcohol & Pills

Hank EmWilliams he came Cup from Montgomery, 
With a Dheart full of hurtin' country Emsongs. 
But Nashville, Tennessee, didn't really Cunderstand him. 
Cause Dhe did things differently than the way that they were Emdone. 
But when he Amfinally made it to the Grand Old Opry,Em he made it stand still. 
He Dended up on Calcohol and Empills. 
Elvis Presley, he came up from Jackson, 
With a brand new way of singing, Lord, and a brand new way of dancing. 
And even from the waist up, Lord, he gave the world a thrill. 
He ended up on alcohol and pills. 
GAlcohol and pills, Dit's a crying shame. 
You'd Amthink they might've been happy with the Cglory and the fame. 
But Gfame doesn't take away the pain, Dit just pays the bills. 
And you Amwind up on Calcohol and Empills. 
Janis Joplin, she was wild and reckless, 
And then there was Gram Parsons, Lord, and then there was Jimi Hendrix. 
The story just goes on and on, and I guess it always will. 
They ended up on alcohol and pills. 
Repeat Chorus 
AmSometimes somebody justEm doesn't wake up one day. 
AmSometimes it's a heart attack, Dsometimes they just don't say. 
ButEm they pulled poor old Hank Williams out of a AmCadillac Coupe de Ville. 
He Dended up on alcohol andEm pills. 
Repeat Chorus  


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