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Yesterday's Rain Teclado

Toby Keith

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Yesterday's Rain

	  F#m                        A                  E 
Somebody told you that my broken heart started mending 
F#m                     A                       B 
I'm getting by, but the truth is that I'm still standing 
F#m      A               E      (begin fill-in tab below) 
Knee deep in yesterday's rain 

             E                     A 
Well I ain't high and dry, I ain't got a big boat 
            E                   B 
But I got a new umbrella and an overcoat 
           E                           A 
And if the good Lord's willing and the sun breaks through 
           C#m             A                   E     A 
That'll be one more day that I made it without you 
                       E    A 
That I made it without you 
G#m                   A 
I don't care what the future holds 
F#m                         E 
And I don't care about what you've been told 
F#m                         A                 E   B 
Don't want to hear what the weatherman has to say  
                    F#m      A               E    
'Cause I'm standing knee deep in yesterday's rain 
(same chords) 
All those fools go rushing, they don't hesitate 
And the lonely go looking where the losers wait 
And I'm thinking, somewhere in the middle there's a love that's true But 
I ain't found one yet, and I ain't got you No I ain't got you baby 
(Chorus again, then:) 
A           E     A           E     A           E 
Yesterday's rain, yesterday's rain, yesterday's rain 
F#m              A                             E 
Somebody told you that my broken heart started mending 


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