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Whiskey Girl Teclado

Toby Keith

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Whiskey Girl

Áño: 2008 - Álbum: 35 Biggest Hits [2 CD]

	  **** (or see below for no capo chords) 
Intro: Bm  G (x4)  F 
C                   G 
Don't my baby look good in them blue jeans 
Am                       F 
Tight on the top with a belly button ring 
          C               G          F 
A little tattoo somewhere in between she only shows to me 
            C                       G 
Yeah we're goin' out dancin' she's ready tonight 
Am                            F 
So damn good lookin' boys it ain't even right 
              C                      G 
And when the bartender says for the lady  
                Asus A 
What's it gonna be... I tell him man.. 
D                A 
She ain't in to wine and roses 
Bm                   G 
Beer just makes her turn up her nose and 
D                     A                   Em     G  A 
She can't stand the thought of sipping champagne 
D           A 
No Cuervo, gold margaritas 
Bm                      G 
Just ain't enough good burn in tequila 
           D                            A 
She needs somethin' with a little more edge  
And a little more pain 
                 Bm           G               Bm       G 
She's my little whiskey girl, she's my little whiskey girl 
                  Em        G  (D in 2nd chorus)->Bm  
My ragged on the edges girl,   ah but I like em rough 
Bm  G  Bm  G  F 
C           G 
Baby got a '69 mustang 
Am                         F 
Four on the floor and you oughtta hear the pipes ring 
C                  G                F 
I jump behind the wheel and it's a way we go 
       C                  G 
Hey I drive too fast but she don't care 
Am                    F                     C 
Blue bandana tied all up in her hair, just sittin there 
               G              Asus  A 
Singin' every song on the radio 
Instrumental: D  A  Bm  G  D  A  Em  G 
Out:  Bm  G (repeat) 
A   =   x02220 
Asus=   x02230 
Am  =   x02210 
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432 
C   =   x32010 
D   =   xx0232 
Em  =   022000 
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211 
G   =   320003   
If you want to play with no capo play these chords in  
place of the ones listed on the tab:  
A------> C# 
Asus---> C#sus 
Am-----> C#m 
Bm-----> Ebm 
C------> E 
D------> F# 
Em-----> G#m 
F------> A 
G------> B 


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