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High Maintenance Woman Teclado

Toby Keith

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High Maintenance Woman

	  D   G   D   D  C   D   (REPEAT X2) 

D                                G     D                             
I see you laying by the poolside every day, 

                                C              D 
She ain't got a lot on, she ain't got a lot to say. 

                                    G            D 
She wouldn't look my way, but buddy what'd you expect? 

                                   C           D 
I'm just the fix-it-up boy at the apartment complex. 

And she'll go out dancing bout 7:15,  

 G                            D 
Climb into the back of a long limousine, 

                               G          D    
I know where she's going, she's going downtown, 

                                  C     D 
I'm going downtown too, and take a look around. 
A She's my baby doll, She's my beauty queen, G D She's my movie star, Best I've ever seen. G A I ain't hooked it up yet, But I'm trying as hard as I can. G A It's just a high maintenance woman, Don't want no D maintenance man.
D G D D C D (REPEAT X2) D G D I'm just sitting around waiting on a telephone call C D after a water pipe exploded, in the living room wall. G D If your washer and dryer need a repair, C D You know your handyman's waitin, and he'll be right there A G 24 hours, 7 days a week, If it's getting clogged up D or maybe starting to leak, Just ring up my number, G D Baby give me a try, You know I got all the tools, C D And I can satisfy. (Chorus) (Chorus) D G D D C D (REPEAT X2) This is my first ever to submit. Hope it's right and have fun with it.

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