Third Day

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Innocent Teclado

Third Day

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Third Day

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Áño: 2004 - Álbum: Wire

Tono:  G Más
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G9	 A9	  	B9	  A9 
 But you came to me and opened my eyes  
G9	  A9   B9	 C9 
 You gave me a brand new life 
D9    B9          A9		   D9 
 I am innocent and I have been set free 
      B9	  A9	           D9 
 I no longer have chains around my feet 
	B9    A9 	      G9	 
 And no matter  where I go or what they say 
 A9       D9 
 I am innocent 
 D9 G9 (2x) 
D9				  G9 
 Many years have passed since the day that I met you 
D9			      G9 
 But your words are still the same  
D9			 G9 
 And every time I find myself with joy or sadness 
D9		       G9 
 I am calling out your name 
G9	    A9		   B9     A9 
 'Cause you came to me and opened my eyes  
G9       A9 	      B9	C9 
 And You gave to me a brand new life 
Repeat Chorus 2x 


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