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Surfer Little Children Teclado

The Smiths

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Surfer Little Children


	  Intro : Dmaj7 Amaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Bm7 Dmaj7 C#m7

Dmaj7    Amaj7  Dmaj7          Amaj7
Over the moors, take me to the moors

Dmaj7         Amaj7 Bm7          Dmaj7   C#m7
dig a shallow grave and I'll lay me down

Bm7    E              G#m7         G
Lesley-Anne with your pretty white beads

   A                  Bm7
oh John, you'll never be a man

D      E                   Bm7  E     G#m7     G
   and you'll never see your    home... home again

A     Bm7        D        E
   oh Manchester, so much to answer for

Edward, see those alluring lights?
tonight will be your very last night.

a woman said, "I know my son is dead
I'll never rest my hand on his sacred head."

Hindley wakes and Hindley says:
"Wherever he has gone, I have gone."

But fresh lilaced moorland fields
Cannot hide the stolid stench of death

Hindley wakes and Hindley says:
"Whatever he has done, I have done."

But this is no easy ride
for a child cries:

"find me...find me, nothing more
we're on a sullen misty moor
we may be dead and we may be gone
but we will be right by your side
until the day you die
his is no easy ride.
we will haunt you when you laugh
yes, you could say we're a team
you might sleep

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for
Oh Manchester, so much to answer for
Over the moor, I'm on the moor
The child is on the moor.

(etc + Ad lib Vox + Gtr Solo) - Fade

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