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Never Had No One Ever Teclado

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Never Had No One Ever

	  Am                         Dm7  Em7 
When you walk without ease on   these 

Am                            F G 
streets were you were raised, I had 

Am                  Dm7 Em7 
a really bad dream. It  lasted 

20 years, 7 months, and 27 days 

F          G 
I'm alone, I'm alone, and  
Am             E         
I Never, neveeeeeeer oh 

Am              Dm7 Em7 
had no one ever 

Now I'm outside your house 

F    G  Am 
I'm aaaalone 
And I'm outside your house 

F  G Am          E  
   I hate to intruuuude 

F  G       Am 
Oooh, I'm Alone, I'm Alone, I'm Alone, I'm Alone 
I'm Alone, I'm Alone 

        F          E     
And I never, neeeveeeer oh 

had no one ever 

Dm7 Em7   Am 
  I never had no one ever 

F G Am 
  I never had no one 

Dm7  Em7   Am 
  no one ever, Had no one never 
F G    Am 
 I Never No oohh 

Am Dm7 Em Am F G  

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