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The Middle Eas



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a lot of the chords alternate between inversions of other  chords, so I`ve sort   
of tried to capture that  with slashes.   

A           D A D A           Bm   Bm E Bm 
Wake me          in the     morning 
Bm                  A     
Gon` wake me up at night 
A                  Bm 
Ain`t got no use for sleeping anymore 
Bm                  A 
Ain`t got enough time 
A D 
For myself 
     A           A7 
Or time for my friends 
       D              D C# Bm  E(inv)->Bm 
And, and I can`t even write 
Just wake me up, it`s fine 

Short  instrumental  
C#m             Bm        x2 
A           Bm E Bm 
Let me go away, Hitch 
Away from where we`ve grown 
                     Bm E Bm 
I`ve got dirty and did wandering 
Through bars and Foreign family homes 
          G          F# 
And I had never have cared 
To be alone 
     Now i just wanna feel 
How you would feel 
D C#    Bm   .  . .   F#sus2  (briefly before next chord) (9th fret) 
Left at home 
(Strum on off beat.) 
D D D D,   D D E E,   Bm Bm Bm Bm,       A  A  C#7 C#7 
D D D D,   D D E E,  Bm Bm C#m C#m, D D F# F#   

Hey Hitch, hey Hitch 
I`m coming home 
Hey Ma, hey Pa 
I`m coming home 
Hey dirt, hey tree, hey little girl 
I`m coming come 
Hey heat, hey Chris 
I`m coming home 
D .  .  .  F#sus2 (9th  fret)       x2 
C#m D A  A,  A  
A                    Bm 
     Well I seen many places 
And they all been seen before 
I done lost my Jack Luck spirit 
I`m goin` back to hitch at home 

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