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Play For Today

  Bm        A                    Bm 
It's not a case of doing what's right 
               A                Bm 
It's just the way I feel that matters 
              A                    G 
Tell me I'm wrong, I don't really care 
It's not a case of share and share alike 
I take what I require 
I don't understand... you say it's not fair 
  C#m             D 
You expect me to act like a lover 
  C#m                   D 
Consider my moves and deserve the reward 
  C#m        D 
To hold you in my arms 
     C#m          Cmaj7                        Bm A Bm A 
And wait... and wait for something to happen 
It's not a case of telling the truth 
Some lines just fit the situation 
You call me a liar, you would anyway 
It's not a case of aiming to please 
You know you're always crying 
It's just your part in the play for today 
E D E D E D C#m Cmaj7 Bm A Bm A G 
Solo: F# Em 
Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected]) 


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