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Doing The Unstuck

Áño: 1992 - Álbum: Wish

  (I)   It's a pF#merfect day for lEetting go 
        For Dsetting fire to bridges, bEoats, 
        And other drF#meary worlds you Eknow 
        Let'Ds get hapApy! 
 (I)    It's a perfect day for making out 
        To wake up with a smile without a doubt 
        To burst grin giggle bliss skip jump and sing and shout 
        Let's get happy! 
 (II)   But it's mGuch to late you say for F#mdoing this now 
        We Bmshould have done it then, well it jDust goes to show 
        How wronBmg you can be and how you rC#meally should know 
        That it's neDver too late to get up and goF#m  E D E 
  (I)   It's a perfect day for kiss and swell 
        For rip-zipping button-popping kiss and well... 
        There's loads of other stuff can make you yell 
        Let's get happy! 
  (I)   It's a perfect day for doing the unstuck 
        For dancing like you can't hear the beat 
        And you don't give a further thought 
        To things like feet. Let's get happy! 
 (II)   But it's much too late you say... 
 (III)  F#mKick out the gloom, kAick out the blues 
        BmTear out the pages with Dall the bad news 
        F#m Pull down the mirrors and puAll down the walls 
        BmTear up the stairs and tDear up the floors 
 (III)  Oh just burn down the house! Burn down the street! 
        Turn everything red and the beat is complete 
        With the sound of your world going up in fire 
        It's a perfect day to throw back your head 
        And F#mkiss it all gooEdbyeD E 
 (I)    It's a perfect day for getting old 
        Forgetting all your worries, life, 
        And everything that makes you cry 
        Let's get happy! 
 (I)    It's a perfect day for dreams come true 
        For thinking big 
        And doing anything you want to do 
        Let's get happy! 
 (II)   But it's much too late you say... 
 (III)  Kick out the gloom... 
        And F#mkiss it all goodbye... 
Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected]) 


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