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Stormy Teclado

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	Am7     Gmaj7     Am7     Gmaj7 
	 / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / / 
Verse 1: 
	{top notes of Am9 (B) and Gmaj9 (A) implied by vibes}: 
	Am9              Gmaj9 
	    You were the sunshine, baby 
	Am9              Gmaj9 
	    Whenever you smiled 
	   Am9         Gmaj9   Cmaj7 
	But I call you Stormy today 
	Am9      Gmaj9            Am9           Gmaj9 
	All of a sudden that ol' rain's fallin' down 
	   Am9          Gmaj9     Cmaj7 
	And my world is cloudy and gray 
	             Bm7   B7 
	You've gone away 
	    Em9    A13         Em9: x75777   A13: 6x6786 
	    Em9    A13 
	  C6            Bm7       Em9  A13 
	Bring back that sunny day 
Verse 2: 
	Yesterday's love was like a warm summer breeze 
	But like the weather you change 
	Now things are dreary, baby, and it's windy and cold 
	And I stand alone in the rain 
	Calling your name 
{sax solo over chords to second half of verse} 
{repeat Chorus} 
	  C6            Bm7   Em9  A13 
	Bring back that sunny day 
	    Em9    A13 
	Oh,   {repeat to fade} 
Contribuição: jorge umemaru([email protected]) 

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