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Lovers Rock Teclado

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Lovers Rock

Áño: 1979 - Álbum: London Calling

(Jones / Strummer)

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	       G                              Am 
Yeh, you must treat your lover girl right 
D                 C 
If you wanna make lover's rock   
G                             Am   D       C 
You must know a place you can kiss to make lovers rock   
       G                      Am 
'Cause everybody knows it's a crying shame   
    D                     C 
But nobody knows the poor baby's name   
     G                              Am  D  C 
When she forgot that thing that she had to swallow   
You Western man, you're free with your seed   
When you make lovers rock   
But woops! there goes the strength that you need   
To make real cool lovers rock   
'Cause a genuine lover takes off his clothes   
ANd he can make a lover in a thousand go's   
An' she don't need that thing that she had to swallow 
Contribuição: rodrigo alan feltrin ferraz([email protected]) 


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