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God Of My Life Teclado

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God Of My Life


Intro: Dm7 Bb9(11+) (4x)

(1ª parte)

Dm7 Bb9(11+) Dm7 Bb9(11+)
God mine,    Father mine
Dm7 Bb9(11+)   Dm7       Bb9(11+)
My love, mine, all ,reason of all

Dm7 Bb9(11+) Dm7 Bb9(11+)
God mine,    Air mine

Dm7   Bb9(11+) Dm7
Lighthouse,    The lighthouse that I need

As I need ...

2ª parte:

       Dm7 G
I need Thee every day feel
     Dm7 G
And look at your light so as not to get lost
     Dm7 G
My Lord, You are my joy
I need ...

Bb9(11+) God of my life C9 Dm7 Stay with me Bb9(11+) I'm your house C9 Dm7 Lives in me Bb9(11+) Let me tell You C9 Dm7 What I need, Dad Bb9(11+) I need of You ...
( Bb5(9) C5(9) Dm7 ) (4x) (Repete 1ª parte) (Repete 2ª parte) (Repete refrão) C9 Dm7 What I need, Dad Bb9(11+) C9 I need of you

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