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This Is The Time Teclado

Terry MacAlmon



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This Is The Time

	  G                F/G           G          F/C     C     C/D     
This is the time when the worshipers will worship Him; 
G                  F/G              G            F/C     C   C/D D Dm 
These are the days when my Father's ways will be know to men. 
                 F/G      G                      C           G/B 
This is the hour when the Spirit it's pow'r will move again 
      G/C     A       Am    C/D D  G      C/D 
As we worship Him in spirit and in truth. 
G     Bm/F#   Dm/F        E#   E 
Holy, holy,   holy is Your name, 
Am       Am/G       F                 D# 
Worthy, worthy, let all the earth proclaim; 
G       Bm/F#         Dm/F           E 
Mighty, mighty, there is no God like You, 
E      G/A     A         Am   D#  D  G 
And we worship You, in Spirit and in truth. 


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