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I Cry Teclado

Tammy Cochran

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I Cry

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Intro: D 
I don?miss you like I used to, I pulled your pictures from the wall 
I go just where and when I want to, I?better off now all in all 
               G                                            D   A 
My heart ain?breaking, it?through aching, and I?moving o---n 
      D                     A 
But I cry a little bit everyday 
At least one teardrop falls 
It doesn?matter rain or shine 
  D                     A 
I try to leave it all behind 
I swear that I?alright 
                          G       D 
But in the middle of the night I cry 
I used to hear your folks calling, you?never let me go to sleep 
You always got your way now darling you won?get the best of me 
    G                         D  A 
Any longer, I?stronger, I?fr--ee 
Instrumental:  D  G  D  G  A 
Note: if you want to make the intro and D progression more interesting go back and forth using variatons and hammer-ons like Dsus2 and Dsus4, listen to CD for timing. 


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