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Young love Teclado

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Young love

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They say for every boy and girl  
There's just one love in this whole world  
    F       G            C    Am  F  G7 
And I know I've found mine.  
The heavenly touch of your embrace  
Tells me no one can take your place  
F  -  G           C     Am    F    G7  
Ev  -  er in my heart.  
        C         G      
Young love, our love,  
  F           G    C       Am   F    G7 
Filled with true devotion.  
        C            G        
Young love, first love,  
     F          G    C      Am   F  G7 
We share with deep emotion.  
Just one kiss from your sweet lips  
Will tell me that your love is real,  
And I can feel that it's true.  
We will vow to one another  
There will never be another  
Love for you or for me.  
(Repeat Refrain)  


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