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Kill Zone Teclado

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Kill Zone

(Henry Burnett/Bob Neuwirth/Roy Orbison)

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E A E E B E  

E                        A    E 
We stood together in the open field 
E             A               F#m      
And heard the secret that the night revealed 
Then we chased the lie 
A                  E  
Racing through the sky 

Can we untangle guilt or innocence? 
How hard we torture this ambivalence 
Night will bring no dawn 
Where has power gone? 

E                                        Am 
For I'll steal your dreams while you are sleeping 
                   E             B 
And sell them for dust and cheap lust 
E                                     Am 
And I'll slit your hope while you are weeping 
                   E          B 
And wipe the blood clean with morphine 
Be my queen 

A                  F#m           C#m 
The wind howls the black clouds around the storm at sea 
A               F#m         C#m 
I'm dropping at too great a speed 
E              A     C#m            F#m    
Come closer to me on your hands and knees 
A            B 
Alone in the kill zone 

E                       A           E 
How much is not enough, how much is through? 
E             A           F#m 
How long will I be getting over you? 
B                       A            E 
How much grief and sin 'til a heart caves in? 
A            E          Am                 C#m      Am 
'Til a heart caves in, 'til a heart caves in 

T Bone Burnett - Kill Zone 

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